Add some magic to your home decor with Airsai Floately levitating plant pot

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I am not the sort of person who throws things away. This is a good thing for the most part. I don’t really tend to follow fashion, instead, I find what I love and whatever it is stays with me for the long haul. 

I have clothes much older than my children and other stuff older than even that! I’m not the sort of person who really looks for specifically eco friendly products but I like to think that by keeping things for ages I am doing my own bit. 

However. Occasionally I will see things that look really cool and speak to me. The Airsai by Floately was one such thing. Originally spotted on Instagram, I was instantly captivated! 

green plant

What is it?!

The Airsai by Floately is a levitating plant pot. Yes, that’s correct – LEVITATING. Once in place this lovely little pot floats approximately 2cm above it’s base. It’s held in place by magnetic force where it spins 360 degrees which is not only incredibly soothing to watch, it also means that your plant gets an even amount of sunlight so it can grow evenly. Win win! 

The Airsai pot and base are made from plastic with a wood effect which is far more convincing than I was expecting. It has a lovely finish and feels like it is very good quality (ie will stand up to even my clumsy mitts) 

It is not a huge product so it would not be difficult to find room for this – I would recommend either an air plant or succulent due to the size of the pot. 

Having indoor plants around has been proven not only to be an excellent stress reliever but also increases work productivity and they are a great motivator too – if you can take your eyes off them of course! 

What did I think?

airsai floately

This is such a simplistic product but I love having plants around and the Airsai really is mesmerising to watch. The only thing I would say is that it will need to be kept out of the reach of small children. If knocked off it’s axis the pot drops down toward the base with some real force as it is quite a powerful magnet! 

My children really love watching our “magic” plant. It would also be a really cool thing to have in the background on Zoom calls – you would soon know who was paying attention, that’s for sure! 

Where to buy?

You can buy your Airsai on the Floately website and see it in action below! 











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