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  • Sea Life centre – Great Yarmouth

    Sea Life centre – Great Yarmouth
  • How to revamp your garden on a budget

    How to revamp your garden on a budget
  • Mothers Day – Gift Ideas

    Mothers Day – Gift Ideas
  • Too Good To Go – Costa

    Too Good To Go – Costa


2022 – The year we can explore?

I am not one for resolutions and I don’t much like plans. If I make a plan to explore I tend to go overboard and there is too much room then for anxiety and doubts…

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See the World Without Going Broke – How to Save for a Year of Travelling

With coronavirus restrictions all but lifted and the UK more or less back to normal, travel is back on the menu. Pre-pandemic, travel industry expenditure in the UK had increased by 7% to a staggering…

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Meal Plan – Emptying the freezer so we can fill it with Christmas food edition

Following what feels like the shortest October in history, we are now in “nearly Xmas mode”. I am still avoiding carbs wherever possible with varying degrees of success. Although it feels like much more of…

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Where to go – Canada. Travelling with kids.

There are so many choices when it comes to travelling. You could be forgiven for thinking that these choices would be diminished when travelling with tiny humans – but you would be wrong. One of…

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Love it or list it – Is this our forever home?

MrG has had to work away for the past couple of weeks. He has returned home at the weekends though and we seem to have developed a possibly slightly unhealthy obsession with watching A Place…

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