Keeping the kids busy with Spinmaster toys

Products in this post were provided for the purposes of this or previous posts and reviews

I have always been a big advocate of all toys being meant for all children. There are no boys toys and girls toys in this house! Spinmaster are a brand whose toys have been consistently a hit with my children as well as nieces and nephews over the years. Now that we are heading from Spring and into Summer (and we all have far more month left than money) we are going through and sorting out toys to play with indoors and outdoors too! Here are a few of our Spinmaster favourites.


I will be honest, I’m not sure whether it’s me or Moose who loves these little guys more but since our first, Snuggla the Fuggler came to live with us, we have had many other Fuggler additions to our family. You can read more about our adventures with our very first Fuggler here


For over 100 years, Meccano has inspired countless engineers, designers, architects and creative minds of all ages. Meccano is more than just a toy, it is a tool for teachers and educators.

Meccano has worked with the best schools and universities, including the USC Engineering and Robotics Research Lab, to make its Meccano Maker System line highly compatible with STEM initiatives.

Kinetic Sand and Rocks

kinetic sand

A toy I both love and hate in equal measure. Don’t get me wrong, it is utterly brilliant for creative play but if you have ever tried to clean Kinetic rock off a rug then you know… Outdoor play with this stuff is (in my humble opinion) the way forward.

That said, Moose will play with his Kinetic rock or his Kinetic sand at any given opportunity and once it’s out, it keeps him occupied for AGES!

We were lucky enough to review both and you can read more about Kinetic rock here and Kinetic sand here.


Moose loves a collectable and he enjoys a surprise toy. Hatchimals is seriously up his street! The characters are cute and the process of getting into the eggs is easy and quick enough for him not to get bored. A good all rounder I think. We were sent some Hatchimals to review and you can read more here

Air Hogs

Who doesn’t love a rocket? What I like best about the Air Hogs Sonic Rocket is how simple it is. Because it really is simple, Moose and his friends have hours of fun with it. You can read our review here 

Cool Maker KumiKreator

Easily spin to create: The cool maker kumikreator is a breakthrough bracelet maker, it makes it so easy to create friendship bracelets without a single knot needed! We have reviewed this one in the past – you can read about it here. Bess still uses it! Moose loves the bracelets his sister makes for him too.


This one has definitely been the big hit of the Spring in our house. Moose has been playing with this one most days! You can read our review here.


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