Our Easter plans 2020

Some of the items in this post were received in exchange for inclusion. All opinions are honest and my own

Ordinarily our Easter plans would be very different. I love the Easter school holidays because it’s really the first one of the year where the weather is good enough to be able to head outdoors. A few months ago I bought a spring/summer pass for Sacrewell Farm which is local to us. My plan at the time had been to spend the bulk of our Easter holidays there at the farm! They have great out door spaces as well as all of the cute animals but then along came Covid19 to just stomp all over everyone’s plans.. Easter is no exception by the looks of things.

It does suck but it’s not the end of the world (just yet) so let’s just buckle up and let Easter be a big ol’ distraction, mmkay?

Edible treats


The Ultimate Green & Black’s Easter Egg hamper perfect for indulging all your family and friends at Easter. Delivered in a beautiful black twisted paper woven onto black metal frame hamper with black faux leather with two silver metal clasps. Open the Ultimate Easter basket to to reveal the new collection of indulgent organic dark and milk chocolate chocolate eggs from Green & Black’s.

cadbury gift basket

Lily O’Brien’s Desserts Collection

This indulgent box of assorted chocolates inspired by the world’s best loved dessert and pudding recipes.

Each chocolate box contains 18 chocolates including milk, dark and white chocolates including Hazelnut Torte, Passion Fruit Posset, Banoffee Pie, Creme Brulee, Raspberry Infusion and Key Limey Pie.

Personalised Retro Red Sweet Hamper 

The best things come in small packages and this hamper is packed to the brim with a fantastic assortment of retro sweet classics. It is beautifully presented and very unusual so will make a great gift for any occasion.

The dimensions of the hamper are: 5.5cm high x 25cm wide x 17cm deep

Inside is a 500g classic assortment of all your favourite Swizzels sweets.

Contents may vary but will include a combination of some of the following: 500g assortment of old school classic sweets that includes Love Hearts, Refreshers, Drumsticks, Parma Violets, Double Dip, Double Lollies, Fizzers & Fruity Pops.

Mixed Gnawbles Taster pack!

If you are searching for your new favourite lower sugar treat, this is the ultimate taster pack of Gnawbles for you! With 4 delicious without doubt flavours for you to try, you can’t go wrong here!

All flavours are Vegan and Top 14 allergen Safe… that’s right, even the hazelNOT flavour!



Cadbury chocolate shaped hollow bunny made with delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk with popping candy in. This will appeal to adults and children alike!


chocolate bunny

Non Edible treats


A DIY non edible egg hunt

Moose absolutely loves these surprise eggs. There are all sorts which I like to treat him to sometimes on shopping trips. His current favourite is the Treasure X Aliens eggs. Break open the hard outer shell to discover a squishy alien egg inside Squeeze to hatch and watch it explode Inside, covered in alien ooze is a mini slime sucking alien plus an alien treasure. Will you find a real gem? 12 to collect

They would make a great egg hunt and because they aren’t chocolate, they are great for a warmer Easter or for children for whom chocolate isn’t an option.

Smiggle Egg-cellent Surprise

What’s inside? It’s a surprise!

Each egg contains 6 items including

  • 1x Fluffy Sand
  • a Sticky Slap Hand
  • 1x Slapband
  • a Keyring
  • 1x Squishie
  • a Wallet


Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Spring Bouquet

Hatchimals are ready to bloom for Spring! This beautiful Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Spring Bouquet includes six exclusive characters – five hidden inside flowers and one cutie ready to play! Remove each stem from the bouquet and gently crack open each flower to reveal your new Springtime friends. Discover exclusive brightly-colored characters with golden glittery wings inside each bloom! Place the stems back into the bouquet and display your characters on top.

With a total of 12 characters to collect from two different bouquets (each sold separately), the Spring Bouquet is the prettiest way to display your Hatchimals! The Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Spring Bouquet is the perfect way to celebrate Spring and makes a great Easter gift for kids aged 5 and up. Hatch the sweetest flower bouquet with the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Spring Bouquet!

Real Littles Stacey Cakes’ Icy Treats Scooter

Shopkins Real Littles™ have arrived in the frozen aisle! Real brands from the supermarket freezer, made mini! Discover and collect all the new Mini Packs to create your own mini mega market frozen food aisle! Meet the sweet Stacey Cakes and her 2 “Good Humoured” Shopkins – Sami Strawberry Ice Cream and Lil’ Chip Cookie Sandwich!

Stacey Cakes is ready to go shopping on her Icy Treats Scooter, and she can store her Mini Packs in the scooter’s storage box, ready to ride! This is the coolest way to beat the heat! With more than 40 Real Littles™ mini frozen brands to collect the Shopkins Real Littles™ are great fun for girls and boys who love shopping play, collectibles and cool surprises.

Treasure X Aliens Surprise Eggs Review

This product was sent to us for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions remain honest and our own. 

If you are looking for a great alternative to edible Easter treats this year then Treasure X Aliens Surprise Eggs are definitely for you!

What is it?

Treasure X Aliens Surprise Eggs are a new addition to the surprise toy market. Priced at just £4.99 per egg they represent egg-cellent (hehe) value for money.

Open the hard plastic (but reusable) shell to discover a softer, squidgy rubber shell. Squeeze this until it pops to find your surprise new alien friend and some slime!

How do you play with it?

The hard plastic casing comes apart easily. The inner squishy egg is really tactile and Moose absolutely loved squishing it and pulling it apart. It took him a little while to get it to POP but he managed it eventually.

You will probably want to do the Pop part on a wipe clean surface as the slime will come out – which Moose found hilarious! Inside the squishy egg along with the slime you will find an alien character and a little treasure accessory or even the ultimate treasure: Real gem.

There are 12 characters to collect. Inside our Treasure X Aliens Surprise Eggs we found Braingor, Spiklops and Soogle Slug! We also found a Galactic Power Egg with a real gem inside – Moose was beside himself!

What did we think?

There was no way that Moose wasn’t going to fall in love with this toy from the get go. Egg? Check! Surprise toy? Check! Slime? Check! Collectable element? Check!

He loved that there were several play elements to the Treasure X Aliens Surprise Eggs and he spent a fair amount of time opening them and then playing with them afterwards! The aliens are soft and can be squeezed so they suck up the slime …and then spit it out of course. Gross but great fun for kids.

Treasure X Aliens Surprise Eggs are priced at £4.99 each and are available from Smyths Toy Shops and if you would like to find out more go to www.treasurex.co.uk for information, games and chances to win prizes too!

Funatic foam – good clean fun!

We were sent these products for the purpose of writing this post – all opinions remain honest and my own. 

The first thing I noticed about this foam was the amazing scent – this was because I managed to spray myself in the face. Great start. Moose found it funny and luckily the big ingredient in Funatic Foam is soap!

Moose absolutely loved bath time when he was a baby. He was never happier than when he was sploshing around. Then he had a change of heart when he was around 2 years of age and all of a sudden bath time became less of a dream and more of a nightmare.

He HATED his hair being washed and wasn’t massively keen on playing in the water anymore and to be honest I could never really pinpoint why. Nothing had ever happened as far as I knew to put him off. Weird. After chatting with a few other Mums it turned out that this was a common issue!

So after that I decided to try to make it fun again. I felt like injecting the fun back into the bath time experience was absolutely necessary if we were ever going to conquer this.

What is it?

Funatic Foam is a super soap. It comes in a recyclable spray bottle with a reach of 3 metres! It’s safe for little eyes and I found it to be a really good cleanser and kind to Moose’s skin. He can be prone to rashes with some products but Funatic Foam was great for him!

The foam is available in 3 scents; Blue Bubblegum, Green Apple and Pink Berry and to add to the fun the foam is coloured too! Moose had great fun spraying the wall and himself with the easy to use trigger.

I did notice that the foam made the floor a little slippery so as with any products used in the bath/shower I would urge a little caution. The cost of the foam isn’t bad at £5.99. It’s not dissimilar to the cost of single use products such as bath bombs and this has more than one use!

In the summer Funatic Foam would be a great product to use outdoors!

We really enjoyed playing with Funatic Foam and I would buy it as a special treat. Funatic Foam is available to buy from Tesco and Smyths

[ad gifted] Sweets for the sweet – Valentines with Swizzels

I received these product for the purpose of writing this post. All opinions are my own.

I live with the least romantic man on the planet. To say that Valentines day is a bit of a non event in our house would be underplaying it massively. After 18 years together (what he lacks in romance he does make up for in other areas..) I have just accepted that he’s no Prince Charming and if I want to celebrate things like Valentines day then it’s best not to rely on him to present me with lavish gifts.

I do like an excuse to spoil myself.

Like many other Mums (and a few Dads I expect) I don’t really think of myself much when it comes to gift buying so when I spy something like Valentines day coming then I use it to it’s full effect!

I wouldn’t like to go mad with it. Let’s face it, most of the time our budget simply wouldn’t allow me to anyway. This week I got a surprise in the post from Swizzels and it actually made me squeak with excitement when I opened it. Yes, I am nearly 40. Doesn’t mean I don’t have a sweet tooth though!

sweet hamper

The best thing about being a grown up

As a responsible parent I made sure to open my goodies away from my children. The moment I got back from school run though I couldn’t help myself! Luckily the best thing about being a grown up is that I can eat sweets whenever I like. Swizzels have nailed Valentines day this year. I had no idea that you could shop for Swizzels sweets online!

The full range of sweets and hampers can be viewed and purchased at Swizzels shop. And if you order before Feb 14th 2020 then you can get 15% off the whole site by using code V15.

personalised love heart sweets

Personalised goodness

First off, you should know, dear reader, that I am going to keep this tube forever! My name isn’t even that obscure but I never see it on stuff. Priced at a very reasonable £9.99, the personalised love hearts gift tube contains 25 mini love hearts rolls. The tube can be personalised with any name but no swear words please. They will do anything for love, but they won’t print…that.

Pick your own

The online Swizzels shop stocks a bigger than expected range of sweet hampers. They suit most peoples budget, some can be personalised and they range from £2.99 to £21.99!

The hamper I received is called the Retro Red Sweet Hamper and retails at £7.99. A small price to pay to make someone as happy as I was when I opened it.



Foam Alive – No mess sensory fun

We were sent this product for the purposes of writing this post. All opinions remain honest and our own. 

Foam is a massive improvement on slime.

Spoiler alert. That is going to be your take away from this review. Honestly, I was so excited when I was asked if Moose would like to have a go at playing with the foam JUST BECAUSE IT WAS NOT SLIME! 

Although I’m not massively fond of spending hours clearing away mess I am the first to say that sensory play is incredibly important. It not only helps concentration, memory and imagination but I have certainly noticed that if Moose is having a difficult day I can really see a difference when I sit him down with a sensory style play sesh in mind. It almost always gets rid of anxiety and melts away any feelings of frustration.

However, none of this is massively helpful when you are tried to clean slimey gunk off your lovely lounge rug though, is it.

With this in mind, Foam Alive is the answer. 

foam alive

What is it?

Foam Alive is presented in clear hourglass plastic packaging. It looks nice but my God it was a challenge to get into! In the end it took this 38 yr old Mother of 3 nearly 10 minutes to open – I ended up jimmying it open with a butter knife and a fair amount of force. On the upside at least you know that the lid is secure, this definitely won’t spill if you pack it for a holiday for example. 

When you eventually get into the packaging you will be greeted by 2 colours of foam. We had green and purple. The colours were incredibly bright but lost a bit of their vibrancy once they were (inevitably) mixed together. I would love to see other colours added to the range. 

What did we think?

I recorded Moose playing with the foam for a few minutes to show you what he thought.

As I said previously, I was just relieved that it wasn’t gunky! This stuff feels nice to the touch. There’s no noticeable smell. It’s not wet or sticky.

The foam doesn’t attach itself to fibres so no having to wash it out of clothing or off toys. This pack is less than £10 which makes it a really affordable treat for a rainy day. It would make a great birthday party gift too! 

Foam Alive is available to buy from Smyths